Xombie - Capital X

Released July 29, 2014

By Lane Levesque

I always try to keep an open mind when listening to music, let alone listening with the purpose of reviewing, and while I did enjoy my time with this album I found myself having mixed feelings. While the lead singer Atom Crews does a fantastic job with the rest of his crew of bridging the gap between the genres of rap and metal; it just wasn’t enough to convert me over to a full time fan. That being said, I cannot deny that each time I listened to this album over again I got the screaming urge from within to do something epic. That’s what this music did to me, and that’s what it will do to you regardless of your taste.

To finally introduce them, Xombie is an underground NYC band that covers the infrequently approached hood-metal genre. If you’re having trouble understanding the mix, imagine if Immortal Technique decided to stretch his creative wings and got together with System of a Down to write an album – which they eventually named Capital X.

The release itself includes 7 separate tracks, all of which encompass their own take on this niche genre while still fitting into to the rough, overarching vibe of the album. The first track (which holds 1st place in my list of favorite song titles) named Velocirapper kicks off right from the start with a powerful electric guitar and booming drums from Robert Fishkin (fish)/Roy Galvan and Eric Castillo combined with impressive vocals from lead singer Adam Cruz (Atom Crews). Mike Martabano (Cadillac Mike) is not to be left out in the cold however, thanks to his intense performance with the bass guitar.

While much of the rest of the album follows the same trend as the first track, the lead single Rock Bottom stands out among the rest with their fantastic music video. Thanks to Xombie’s dedicated fan-base, they managed to raise just under $11K with a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of featuring famous backyard brawler-turned UFC superstar Kimbo Slice in the video. When I was first introduced to the band, I found myself watching the music video a few times a day.

Overall, Xombie did a good job with their album and I won’t be surprised to be hearing more about this group in the future. Their new album, Capital X, is available on Soundcloud, bandcamp, and Spotify!