You Are An Explorer - S/T

Released March 14, 2014

By Charlie Dims

As anyone who has tried to create it knows, instrumental music is a tricky thing. In many ways, it’s very much a naked form of musical expression. There are no cute lead singers or inventive lyrics to hide behind. Every emotion that is trying to be achieved by the band must be made through the instrumentation alone. Failure to really make anything interesting usually results in music being played in shopping malls and company hold lines. The other option is, of course, great music. Luckily, You Are An Explorer went with the second option.

There is a false sense of calm that fits well with You Are An Explorer’s new self-titled EP. Songs like My Name is Driftwood or …And We Built seem like a perfect fit for taking a walk on a beach—at least initially. In both songs, the opening minutes feature an effective use of repetition that creates a calming effect. However, just as it seems that the tone has been set, the band dives into heavier territory that manages to both spice up the songs without sounding out-of-place in the rest of the composition.

Tracks like Palisade add a touch of attitude to the EP. Not quite jazz, not quite rock, the song swings around and paints pictures of confidence and a dying sun casting its light on city landscapes.

On the other hand, Mystique Theory speeds things up just a little and adds a touch more of life to the record. If Palisade is the evening sun, then Mystique Theory is the town at night once the lights and the people rise up.

The closing track Beacon offers a solid representation of this band’s power. Starting with a calm water and ending on a storming sea, Beacon gives a final punch to the EP and proves that You Are An Explorer has made music that can be listened to in any environment.