Released June 16, 2015

by Rose Morris


So there I was, trying to make a playlist to get myself in the mood for summer, wishing I had something new and fresh that was mellow yet danceable with a chill poolside vibe, when the Geyser Music fairies dropped Yukon Blonde’s brand new album On Blonde into my lap.

It only took one listen to realize that this is the summertime album I was waiting for. Chock-full of catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, the songs on this album get stuck in your head almost immediately - and it’s not annoying, it’s just pleasant to have On Blonde’s ethereal synth and poppy harmonies floating around in between your mind cogs, making you dance a little bit at the supermarket.

My personal favourite song on this album is Como, the third track. There are a few times on this album where I feel like I’m listening to early Franz Ferdinand stuff, and this is especially prevalent in Como. Heavily layered instruments and vocal harmonies that verge on doo-wop give this song a really dreamy feel, while being fast-paced enough to create a punky edge.

Track four, titled I Wanna Be Your Man, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its rich, throaty vocals and driving percussion. Probably the most full-on Rock song on the album, I Wanna Be Your Man really showcases lead singer Jeff Innes’s impressive vocal range, and also highlights the band’s ability to harmonize beautifully.

Every song on On Blonde feels like it could be released as a single. The entire album is so vibrant and engaging, with its jangly hooks and New Wave-inspired synth, making On Blonde the perfect indie-pop soundtrack to your summer.